Welcome to Craft Concept Racing

About Us


Craft Concept Racing is a team of like-minded professional women located in the Greater Boston area who are committed to demonstrating to themselves and the community the importance of athletic excellence without sacrificing a balanced lifestyle including career and family.


 As a team, our focus is to support one another to further our collective goals and achievements, promote the strength of women, and have a positive impact on youth runners within the community. 

We are generously supported by Craft Sportswear.


 CRAFT is the pioneer of functional apparel for serious athletes. Since 1977, CRAFT has devoted itself to developing innovative clothing built to withstand extreme weather in all conditions. CRAFT works closely with its many sponsored athletes and national teams, and focuses on developing the highest performance gear. The brand's foundation is its authentic understanding and love for the sporting culture, reflected in its strong involvement in cross-country skiing, biking, running, and alpine skiing. Constantly working on optimizing construction technologies and innovative materials, CRAFT sportswear is the ideal training and competition gear for all activities year-round. For more information on CRAFT in North America, visit www.craftsports.us  .